You go to a party on a stormy night out in the country with some friends when suddenly the lights go out. You find some candles and set them around the house. Someone screams “BODY!” and your heart races. Everyone gathers around the body. bloody knife Unfortunately the phones are dead so you can’t call for help. Some clues have been found as to what happened. Everyone moves to the library to discuss where they were, what they were doing and who last saw the body. There is nothing that anyone can do, so you all decide to wait until morning. You move warily from room to room as the killer could be the next person you meet alone in the hallway or next room.

Dave Hunt’s “The Murder Game” is intended to provide the elements of suspense and mystery for a group of people under simulation conditions.

“Six people had been killed, I didn’t do it, but I couldn’t rule out any of the other six surviving players.”

Dave Hunt’s “The Murder Game” is played in a dark house illuminated only by candles or night-lights, among everyone following their Activity Cards and Variation Cards, there lurks an unidentified “murderer” who moves freely through the house and “murders” players.

Suddenly, a scream of “Body!” echoes through the house. The living players go to see who the victim was, where they were found, and if their mode of death is visible before gathering in the meeting room to discuss who was where and when.

“The flirt activity card has already led to one marriage.”

Following the meeting, the remaining living players vote for who they think the murderer is and how the “victim” was “killed”. The “ghost” counts the ballots to determine whether the murderer was caught or is still at large. If the “murderer” is still at large, play resumes until the next body is discovered and another meeting is held.

Play continues until the “murderer” is identified. The winner is the person who scored the most points during each round of voting, or the “murderer” if all players are eliminated.

“Imagine sitting alone in a candlelit room as a body falls out of the closet.”

Dave Hunt’s “The Murder Game” is an exciting game that can be played  repeatedly with different results each time. “The Murder Game” provides a safe adrenalin rush, lets you learn which of your game-playing companions has the skills to be a good detective or a good liar, and is great creative fun.

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“This game is better than the others because you’re not limited in the number of times you can play.”

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